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Bitter Angel Wings

24 December
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  • deathly_smirk@livejournal.com
I'm pretty boring to be honest! Jus read, write, love long walks etc and I love squabbling lol so watch out jk Hope on livejournal I'll find all the communities I'm so found of and ship/support them to my heart's content (cz my family's sick of my rants) :D

And one thing you should know..deprive me of my OTP moments long enough and this is the likely result - bruce lee comes to play..(HINT TVD)
90s movies, afi, agatha christie, allan hyde, alternative rock, amy pond, angel coulby, angst, arthur/gwen, arthur/morgana, audrey hepburn, bamon, bat for lashes, beyonce, blade, bollywood, bradley james, brucas, bruce lee, charmed, chlavis, chloe and davis, christopher ecclestone, chuck and blair, classic literature, costume drama, crixus and naevia, damon and bonnie, david tennant, dilip kumar, donnie, dordy, doyle and cordelia, dr who, dracula, dramione, dwayne johnson, edward norton, emilie de ravin, erotica, fan art, fan fiction, fanfiction, florence against the machine, giles and joyce, giles/joyce, glee, godric, goth rock, govinda, hans matheson, harry potter, henry cavill, ian somerhalder, icons, internet, jackie chan, james d'arcy, james dean, jeff buckley, jet li, joaquin phoenix, jyler, katerina graham, katrina kaif, kelly clarkson, lifehouse, liv tyler, lucian, madhubala, martha jones, matt smith, merlin, merlin/freya, merlin/morgana, michael sheen, michael trevino, michael/sara, mike and tina, misfits, morgana le fay, mughal era, mughal-e-azam, music, natalie dormer, natural scenery, north and south, passion, paul wesley, period drama, phoebe and cole, photography, poirot, pride and prejudice, prue halliwell, radiohead, rain kiss, reviews, richard armitage, robin williams, rupert penry-jones, saif ali khan, sally hawkins, salman khan, samantha morton, shaun of the dead, sherlock holmes, simon and alisha, simon pegg, smallville, snark, sookie and eric, spartacus blood & sand, spike and drusilla, spooks, stefan and elena, stelena, supernatural, switchfoot, syalr and elle, sylar, the vampire diaries, tony jaa, true blood, tyler/caroline, tyler/jeremy, ust, vampires, werewolf, writing