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Bitter Angel Wings
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14th-Mar-2012 09:34 pm - Hues Of Old - Prologue
Eva Green
Title: Hues Of Old
Rating: M
Fandom: True Blood - AU
Character(s): Godric
Chapter: Prologue
Summary: An ancient vampire named Godric is about to commit suicide. His memories are a work of wonder, many contain the nameless murders he committed. Somehow, though fate gave one of his victims an identity. How is it any different when you know your prey? Does then the taking of blood and life become different? With or without guilt ultimately whose forgiveness does Godric truly want in the end?
A/N: Sorry for the summary being sucky. Not good at them at all. Hope you enjoy the story though.


Even as a Roman adolescent he loved the spilling of blood. The taste of the sweet nectar never passed his lips as a mortal but the mere sight of it had set his senses on fire. He'd watched as those who dared to take it, spill it or even use it were worshipped as gods in many forms.

No more so than a savage gladiator.

God yes.

Godric stared at the creeping sun.

Gladiators were revered by all those he knew, their courage, their ferocity, skills..

A memory flew in silently.

Roars of a half-crazed crowd, the howls of falling gladiators, the clanging of swords all filled his ears, but the vampire did not flinch even once. The memory did not frighten him nor made him reminiscence.

What good would that have done?

Here he stood, a vampire so old, memories such as the one he's just experienced no longer contained details but foreign and buried sentiments.

What could he have done if he could not remember why his actions were as such?

Godric blinked slowly as his eyes saw colours of a distant land. The land of the living.

Perhaps, he should have felt something other than relief. The sun that was rising to meet him meant he was not crazy.

It brought life.

It meant that Roman Godric in his vampire self was not wrong. All these years that he saw things they were just different. Everything could exist in paradox, after all did not the presence of the weeping Sookie tell him thus?

Blood and death, blood and life, the sun and life, the sun and his death it was all possible. It was like an improbable miracle. Even with all that he had seen how could he have hoped to understand this? He couldn't. Somewhere though this message had awakened inside him and here he stood burning to death.

Godric would have laughed for the sheer power of melodramatic tragedy his moments had become but he suppressed it. What was the little echo of sadness compared to the insanity of euphoria? A little price to pay.

The flames rose higher upon the skin.
Every inch that flayed away took a decade of whispered tales with it.

He didn't mind even if he did care.
For he, Godric, he was graced by staring at the face of God.
After all, wouldn't his naive self ripped Sookie to test the faery part of her coursing in her veins?
Yes he would have.

But now..he knew better.
He'd seen the mercy of God before him..he was seeing for the very first time. Something that he knew his younger counterparts could not fathom. They couldn't see through the familiarity of this world, the wrong emotions the increased temptations from their old lives. They were stuck here.

Godric closed his eyes slowly, something twinging at his heart.

Poor Eric.
His poor, poor Eric.

'If only I taught you to accept your existence beyond your means.'

The jaw tightened.

'You will come when you are ready child. You will also see.'
This world..it stopped them. From true salvation. No, they didn't belong here - they should have never have been here.

But yes, they were here.

And yes, they had stopped others.

They the vampires, always interfering, always spreading hate and opening poison into the waters of life. Always taking life, chances..

Godric himself had done this.

This time the memories came with deafening sound as though his senses were heightened beyond comprehension - the faces, the fear..their terror. He remembered it all. He drank it all.

Slowly, he opened his eyes as though questioning the higher authority. Was he now being punished.

No he couldn't be.

Look how the flames had turned that stark blue!

The same blue as..her eyes.

A ghost of a smile appeared as his arms flung open as to embrace her from the past.

How fitting was this, that he should remember her in the end?

And burn in her fire.

As he rose higher, his memories did not fail him.


{After the fall of the Roman Empire, somewhere in the Dark Ages}

Somewhere between the centuries Godric liked to think he'd lost track of his age for shallow purposes. After all, who was counting at all? Except Eric of course. But then again, his need to remind Godric was stemed in the maker-worship ritual. The quirk did not particularly annoy him but it reminded him of the little advancement of the vampire kind.

They may have been the predators of the human species still, but the vampires could no longer predict where the humans would retreat to. There were new tricks being invented, (and this was) one of the reasons Godric told himself that he had allowed Eric the freedom to explore the untouched lands for a while. His training may not have been complete..but the maker knew that Eric's instincts were far better than some of the older vampires in the community. Of course, now that Eric was gone..he'd found himself with some free time on his hands. The idea of another progeny whilst the blonde Viking vampire was absent fleeting, as conflict in his presence was even though amusing would grow tiresome.


Godric thought to return to the battlefield.

The one place that he dreamt of dying..the one place honor was a permanent guest. There had been little action so to speak, in his human days. Instead, he was asked to prance around in purple robes expected to give a fuck about diseased commoners. Although the notion of telling them all that nobody in the villas knew nor cared of the mundane 'issues' they had - Godric was expected like a good Roman boy expected to deceive.

So he did.

But now..there was no one, no one to orate at him for his yearning. He had admittedly snatched at the chances of a good war over the years, but the hunger, to return was stronger than ever.

He had convinced himself that the longer he waited the more delicious would the victory would taste.

The trick was to subdue yourself long enough so when the heat of battle touched you the senses would send the warrior half-mad with blood-lust. It was simply heavenly. Godric had been known to rip through entire legions on his own, only slowing to pick out the parts of bone, hair and even occasionally teeth from his mouth. Less than elegant, but the gods of warfare didn't ask for feminine class. Hmpf. If they existed at all. No. Some power just wanted him to get the job done, to eat his fill. Life was good. The pay was good.

Admittedly, it was oddly satisfying to watch men of great heights shake before his stature, almost leaning into their armor for support. He'd watched it for countless generations now. Returning, only to watch the physical features appear in the successors many years down the line. It was an unrivaled content on his part to see such immortality in the eyes of mortals.

Somewhere though, he became too sure of himself. Somehow, he'd become too comfortable.

He forgot.

Humans weren't mindless all the time. There were some whose grunting and growling actually formed linear thoughts in primitive minds. They advanced, and thought, clearly believing in so-called equality. They really believed in their own words.

What fools, he would have said if he had known.

They had thought of conspiring against him. Not thought. Had conspired against him. The fools went and allied themselves with the crudest of scavengers. Lame vampires, begrudging werewolves, and ageing faeries. Yes. They were all there. For his downfall.

To see him to his end.

Godric was perhaps a little flattered. Was he so much of a scourge that they had plotted to their wits' end?

Was he so frightening, so much of a heinous creature?

As the shock of the assaults from his former followers hit his body, the answers to his questions also did so. The ancient vampire couldn't help but smile.

What was the way of the world!

Continuously breaking down the ones they feared.

Fear, yes.

What a powerful emotion. He had seen emperors fall victim to it. Stabbed, decapitated, poisoned..all painful. Fear, had took them all.

But as Godric lay his body half bare to the mercy of the sun full of silver..he swore in his semi-conscious state, he would never let himself go out that way. He'd never let himself burn.

No creature alive or dead, would send him into the mouth of the True Death.

He'd conquer them all with the iron-grip that was fear.
31st-Aug-2011 09:19 pm - Maiden of the Dead - Prologue

Title: Maiden of the Dead
Chapter: Prologue
Author: Deathly_smirk
Fandom: TVD Books
Rating: M
Ship: Damon/Bonnie
Other Ships: Stefan/Elena, Damon/Elena
A/N: This is set after Shadow Souls, so don't read if you don't want spoilers. The prologue is a taster of how Fell's Church's existing atmosphere has turned sour once again..
Summary: Three years, after Elena makes her decision, the gang are struggling to carry on with their normal lives. All is quiet in town, so much so, that the damaged, strained relationships can be heard. The most sensitive of the group, Bonnie, is with difficulty getting used to it all, unaware of the dangerous secrets and new lies that lead to her..


There were three of them.

Like the Shakespearean witches planning doom on an unsuspecting individual.

Of course, the irony wasn't lost to one of the individuals, who with difficulty fought down a chuckle. Even after all this time, the deity above had a way of playing tricks on His creation. Obviously, some things were just meant to be shared.

Like the fate of an important little druid psychic within this particular circle.

The thought of this being highly well..irregular did occur to them all, but in their minds they had to be gods on this night. And they didn't need any worshippers, not since they so effectively fed themselves from the plate of self-serving. These three could protect themselves. These three feared no reprisal, no tears. It's just as well, since they were dealing with Bonnie McCullough, a thought that had gone through the group like a live wire affecting them more than it should.

The leader spoke first, deliberately mincing words out towards the other two, uncharacteristically acting as though he was thinking on the spot.

"The little witch -"
"My apologies," he immediately responded, giving an ambiguous bow to the tallest of the speakers. "Bonnie, is more..in want of a better word useful, than previously thought."
"Useful?" whispered the third member, finally breaking silence. "She's just a common psychic."
"On the contrary," pressed on the first speaker, holding his finger up as to stop this naive statement manifesting itself in the room. "She is very special."
"She seems to have grown in power," agreed the second of the two, laying a hand on the shoulder irritable member of the group. "The stories seem to be true."

When no one spoke to this revelation, this was understood as an invitation to carry on. "I revisited the priestess and she told me, after some hefty payment that the other creatures, sought her kind out. Especially vampires."

The man nodded silently. This wasn't new to him, but he was patient enough tonight to listen to the whole story again.

"They maimed, killed her kind for centuries, until the druids, found a way to hide their abilities."

All set of eyes were now on the speaker.

"She claimed that they somehow sent their powers somewhere, to make them appear more human. Some abilities were retained such as aura reading..etc, etc to protect themselves, but the magic that they once possessed was reduced. Unfortunately, for them, their vampire masters sought them out and killed them anyway."

"Nice," muttered the blonde.
The figure nodded in agreement and continued. "It seems the vampires were angry enough to wipe out the druids and some of the witches, yet not angry enough to not use their power."
"Some things are never meant to change," approved the vampire.

"Wait a minute. You said stored, where can Bonnie have..?"
"Well, let's see, what place is big enough, empty enough, and just down right isolated enough -"
"The dimensions," said the other two together.
You have been watching her?" he interjected suddenly concerned. In his unnervingly, increasingly amateur excitement the vampire was begin to forget the basics.
"It's as you said, her power is growing fast."
"How can you tell?"

"Last Wednesday, she wilted flowers because she was sad."
The blonde felt inclined to laugh but thought it better not to. "So?"
"They were all the flowers in Fell's Church."

Silence settled on them.

All three of them felt the buzz of these revelations.

A small red-head held the key finally preventing anymore wars. She was all that was needed.

"What do we do then?" asked the quietest of the trio.
"We leave her here," was the answer.
"What?" this time the informant spoke. "That's crazy. Anyone can-"
"Yes but anyone hasn't," replied the vampire angrily, becoming tired of how slow the meeting was going. "Think. It's because they don't know. Everyone assumes she's just a psychic. Somehow, the energy she absorbed is in harmony with her in Fell's Church. It would be unstable of us to remove her."

"Do you think she knows?" as the taller figure suddenly nervous.
"Yeah..she is, well carefree."
"Like Mother Nature Nature itself."
A raised eyebrow.

"I still say we make a little introduction -"
"We will do no such thing."
"The girl could very likely panic and force the town to become a natural disaster area."

Silece yet again.

The second of the three cleared their throat, awkwardly and looked to to the other two. "I'll go and get started, shall I?"

The addressed just nodded silently, a signal that was taken gratefully.

"Didn't it occur to you?" asked the leader, suddenly thoughtful, settling himself opposite his companion as soon as the door had closed.


"That perhaps, instead of preserving her, we may have actually plotted the demise of Bonnie McCullough."
11th-Apr-2011 06:37 pm(no subject)
Eva Green
Ok. I'm sorry guys for not writing the reviews cz well I just thought the writing really spoke for itself. But in case you are suffering from some form of amnesia like the beloved TVD writers, here is the cliff notes version:

a) Tyler is a werewolf. Big shocker. Considering they waste spent so much time trying to get us to guess what he was, I'm surprised that they didn't add that he had secret gymnast abilities. Ridiculous
b) The curse. One of the actually interesting parts of the season. Turns out the witches can kick vampires ass - and get away with enslaving the Originals minions. They rock the world
c) The Originals. I'm lobbying for these guys to get their own spin-off I mean seriously. Their human exterior is enough to make Damon wet his tutu
d) Jeremy decided that he liked Bonnie after he found out she can't do a sex spell (I'm still waiting for the logic to appear) and Bonnie decided to get herself a puppy. The end
e) Damon lost yet another girl. Altho we can put it down to being it his fault, Rose was a character I wanted to stay on for development purposes. Ok yeah, so her accent made it seem she continuously had something in her mouth but for the most part at this point in Damon's life she was good for him. Then again, he might've gotten bored and dropped her
f) Elena the doppelgänger. In the beginning I give a crap. Now I'd wish somebody would just throw a teaspoon at her so we can get a rise out of the Salvatores. Of course, you may all disagree and say axe.
g) Most of the season Katherine has been playing in out of the dust-yyy tomb. In out and out.
h) Bonnie has family. Surprise! No I mean really, surprise.
i) Tyler had fit uncle. Then he didn't
j) Caroline was born to be a vampire. Sadly she may be undead but biting ppl is the least of her problems
h) Bonnie is so gifted she can give herself aneurysms for free! What a handy trick to have especially since you are going against the oldest vampire in history


The Good

Klaus: You might not know this but I have a major thing for Elijah. You know, where you get the warm, fuzzy, fangirly feeling every time the camera panned on him. So of course, I was a little concerned that the baddy waddy would not live up to expectations. Well that was stupid. He blew them apart. I don't think the word 'limits' features in his vocabulary although he is quite attractively specisexual multilingual. And that is a good thing. A very good thing. We need a vampire over the top. We need someone who would say 'I will crucify you and your whole family' and you would believe him. Because he would. This show has too many 'bad' characters that are actually 'good' cz of love. I mean, really? What planet do these writers live on? There are serial killers and scum that have the perfect lives but they kill, mutilate because they mostly can. Its all about power, control, lamb chops. And if you are gonna paint a character beforehand as spawn of the devil, fucking follow through with it. THAT would be the greatest surprise and gift you can to the viewers and audience. Because what I'm feeling now wouldn't be worth much otherwise. And what I feel right now is naked. Seriously. If I was Elena I would not only spolsh holy water around my house but bathe in vervain. Dude, is scary. Doesn't help that I can't Matt Davis's twisted smile outta my head *covers eyes with both hands*

Bonnie: I wish I could shake her in this episode. Like seriously. Her need to save Elena is bordering on obsession. I know the episode is based on 'limits' but Bonnie thinks she has none. At least she wasn't mind-raping anyone this eppy. Its a step-up. But what I don't understand her being so consistent and being the martyr. Yes, Elena is like her family and believe me, if my bff was in this situation I would do the same as Bonnie. But why do I feel like Bonnie is the only one upholding her end of sisterhood? Elena doesn't seem to give a flying fuck to anything that isn't Gilbert, Stefan-related. Take head out of ass and realize you are not the only one in this mess. Elena maybe about to get sacrificed but sympathy is an emotion I'm not feeling towards her right now.

Anyhoo, I guess the reason I stuck Bonnie in this section is because well I guess she wasn't OOC this episode. I liked the fact she wasn't going to be totally and utterly cold. I loved the fact that we saw her utter guilt & regret at losing Luka (in front of Damon I may add) and the fact she knew she may not survive. Stop playing martyr dammit! Don't wonna loose ya Bonnie *sniff*

Bamon: There were so many delicious tidbits in this episode when it came to them. Ok, yeah so they weren't exactly the best of friends, BUT they were CIVIL. It seems to me, that they are really taking this alliance seriously. Careful Bonnie, you may just end up with a new bff XD In all honesty, it was better than I thought it would be because they are really getting more and more entertaining as we watch them. Sorry, Bonnie. I know it must be really difficult to be cordial towards someone who tried to kill you but you're scenes are just too awesome not to mention fangirl-worship-worthy. I think the problem with them was, fans were either expecting too much or too less. It was just exactly how its supposed to be. I don't expect to link arms and start singing 'Kumbayah' (although that alone would secure it as my favourite TVD scene ever) but I expected there to be a level of mutual understanding, respect and perhaps trust. I love how Damon takes a crack at Luka and then ends up burying him and then in course of within seconds is giving her eyesex. Dynamic or what huh? They were slso, kind enough, to give a whole new meaning to 'just gonna stand there and watch me burn'. Only Bamon, I tell ya. Only Bamon

Damon: Surprisingly, even though I wanted to stick him in the bad section, I still feel like I owe him a chance. Ok yeah, so he may have looked like he was having seizures with that face but at least he didn't make me feel suicidal whilst watching. And god, the cockiness. Thank the lord, they've turned it down cz it was blaring to the border of idiocy. I'm glad the writers have finally realised that Elijah is not gonna be watching Damon's back. He's gonna pay for the shit he does from now on.

Witches: I love the witches even more this episode. Why? Cz they don't like bitches. I also seem to have more respect for Emily. She rather have died that let her family go through what she did with Katherine. If Damon saved Emily he would have the whole Bennett line to do his bidding forever. But. If he showed up a century odd later the HWIC would shut his plan down. Girl power or what? Ok. Ok. So I admit, its not just the female witches I was fawning over (and gasping at that weather spell) - Klaus's witch is a work of art. He certainly has been taking tips from his master. I fear for my bb

Delena: I can't believe that I'm placing DE in the good section over SE. But please writers give me something to work with! At lease DE were intriguing this episode. The little look of wonder Elena gave Damon makes me think that the 'ILU compulsion' he placed on her didn't work. She had already drunk the vervain tea *facepalm*

Isobel: As much as I disliked Isobel, I find that her ending was fitting and a chilling warning to Elena and the viewers. She had gotten waaayyy over her head with Klaus&Katherine. She wanted real freedom. And yes, I feel a little sad for her, knowing that she never felt liberated as a vampire. Of course, she could've let Alaric on what she wanted. She didn't have to push him away

Jenna: Was fabulous. Absolutely flawless. Everyone just takes her for granted. If it was me, I'd never never talk to A/J/E again. Eugh

John: Why can't I get over David Anders? He so flawless as Jonathan! I adore him even though I'm meant to hate him. Yeah, he's supposed to be the pitiful figure but I can't help but feel that his heart might've been in the right place just not everyone else's intentions. Can't wait to see more of him

The Bad

Stefan: I think what shocked me or really turned me was Stefan. He was so OOC this episode, that it was painful to watch. He gave a whole new meaning to 'poker face'. I thought Damon was the unfeeling brother? I knew Stefan had a dark side and is in love with Elena blah blah but I never knew he could be so cold. Forget Bonnie, he didn't even seem to care about Caroline's problem. Elena seemed more concerned by her issue (which is a big thing). Aaaagh! Stop it writers. Stop ruining my baby.

Stelena: Didn't anything even happen between them?

Elena: As D would say: Blah

Katherine: This maybe an unpopular view, but I think Katherine should die. Her use has come to an end. Yeah I want to know what happened between her, Elijah and Klaus (and maybe see her and Klaus have furious hate sex) but let's be honest - on the next couple episodes her arc is gonna be done and dusted. We probably gonna see how badly she was screwed over by K&E and see how she decided to imitate their little game on the Salvatores. What is the point of having a female 'evil' vampire when someone who practically made her comes to town? There is none. And besides, the fact that Nina looks tired as hell now that she's playing two roles. Katherine just seemed sluggish this episode. You can't distract me with ya boobs Nina. Just sayin.'

Jeremy: I want to smack him everytime he comes on screen. I CAN'T have been the only who noticed how fickle, hypocritical and OTT this character has become. It's like the tptb/writers have tried to shove Jer in a coffin for characters labelled 're-moulding' and the limbs fell off. I can practically smell the stench of bad writing and not-giving-a-crap. I love Steven. I have done so for may years, that's why it pains me to say all this. He should demand a storyline from KW&JP. So far, he looks about as useful&helpful as a wet envelope. He's a TEENAGER. One who can party or loose it til the sun comes up. At least, give me an inkling of that.

Beremy: I hate this ship. Nothing. And I mean nothing can make me love this wet dog. I'm so so sad as I write this. Each time I write about them I'm either very, very angry or very, very sad. I had such high hopes for this ship. I wanted to put my one foot on the Beremy ship and one foot on the Bamon and wide open sail the stormy sea of the TVD fandom. Well they pissed all over that. This is the most ill-conceived shit to ever happen on this show. In what twisted world are they compatible as a couple, at this point in their lives? It must really sting to know that your gf loves your sister more than you. Since, she is considering to sacrifice herself I think Jeremy should've shown some compassion. Which he did. And I'm glad. But.

Excuse me, if I question his sincerity in context of the whole series so far - I wouldn't trust him with my old trainers (sneakers for all ya American folk). In season 1/2 : he bonded with Tyler over someone he loved (Vikki). He quickly became friends and they hung out regularly even if Tyler could be a 'dick,' and would concern himself with Lockwood's issues. And then..he sold him out. Just to be in the in-crowd. Eugh. I used to have respect for him but I get this massive feeling of impending DOOM cz of Jeremy when it comes to Beremy. Maybe, if Jeremy had to earn her trust, he'd realise how much of a jackass he's been. Bonnie is waaayy too sweet when it comes to the Gilberts. And honestly? The Gilberts' are like a plague. Whatever they touch falls. I will be super pissed if that happens to Bonnie because her childish bf has no fucking clue to what he's doing or that Bonnie won't always be there to protect him.

Stamon: I'm sorry. I'm just trying to process what was implied about Bonnie. I mean. I have no words. Really writers? Old prejudices?

The Pointless

Tyler: What is the point of labeling this show as the 'werewolf season' if they disappear half way through? Smtms I hate this show. Oh and I hope Tyler finds out what Jeremy did to him and beats him senseless
Eva Green
I CANNOT take it anymore.

Did somebody die and shower this show with morbidness? Did I miss a whole fuckin' season? Where is this SHIT coming from?

Whose fuckin' bright idea was it to turn this show into 'The Triangle Diaries'? When did Bonnie fans talk in code? We said we wanted more Bonnie, her family, her heritage. We did not say we want to see the idle widdle Gilbert spawn making moves on yet another supernatural being who does not need haters another excuse to hate. Oh wait. That's EXACTLY what they want.

Any freakin' excuse to give DErabids, consolation is necessary. Especially since the Bamon fanbase is blooming with a fraction of DE/SE screentime. So they try to put a stop to it by giving us a farce. If you are gonna pair her with an 'important' secondary character at least have the decency to make it appear as tho he isn't fascinated by her cz she's a witch (after he turned in his werewolf friend I may add).

Yes, she's a witch.

Something the Salvatores have noticed too.

God - CANNOT deal with this right now. Eugh

30th-Nov-2010 10:04 pm - 2x06 Plan B? Yep. B for Bamon
The Good

Bamon: Did I miss something? Was I watching the wrong show because it is downright wrong not to tell us we would get a Bamon scene. Not even a hint. Bah. Why am I complaining? We had Bamon scenes longer than 1 minute and yada seconds. And every single moment was a revelation. I cannot believe, that Ian doesn't ask, nay demand to work with KG more. Because..he seems to always sit up and pay attention. Idk what it is lately, IS has becoming awfully slacky and Bamon breathed in new life into him. He delivered the banter so freakin' perfectly - I was like 'YES! DAMON IS BAAAAACCCK'. There was some serious danger from my side of me running screaming from the screen in nothing but a 'BAMON BELIEVES IN BONDAGE' t-shirt. Cz the whole tying up thing screamed of angry sex from both parties. What came out of their mouths totally belied what the way their bodies were talking. It was pure and unadultered UST. What also made Bamon so damn good this episode is that the scenes have progressed the ship that has so fondly split the TVD fandom. Down wid da haters. Cz well the writers maybe killing the Bamon fans with making us wait but they give us gold every time. Its obvious its the very few parts of the show they put some thought into. I. am. so. proud. to. be. a. Bamonater. 2x05 is pivotal to the Bamon story because it shows a different side to both Damon AND Bonnie respectively. This showed that perhaps Bonnie had given Damon more thought than she'd being letting on. Bonnie actually struggled with the idea of helping Damon (and Stefan obviously). Her conduct towards Damon weighs very heavily on her mind perhaps more than it does with Elena. I've realised from their very first interaction in this episode (plus Stefan of crz) that Bonnie is a very introspective person. She had obviously been struggling with the notion of being confronted by Damon and her own feelings of guilt. Of crz all Damon had to do was drop the 'E' bomb and she was his.

It didn't come so easily for Damon tho - he was bouncing off signals left right from his puffed out chest. But Bonnie seemed to have nerves of steel ignoring him like that. Girl did some damage. To Damon's ego that is. But interestingly, Damon forgave her. It seemed to be doing that alot lately with Bonnie. He didn't bring up the fact he was nearly dog-meat to her. Nope I thought they were gonna end up playing ukuleles at the end of the episode. Simple fact - something changed. They both knew. Bonnie knew it so did Damon. They didn't have to say anything. Damon opened a door. Bonnie willingly looked inside Mason's head, Damon avoided a Tarantino scenario when he tried to protect her from Mason. And of course, Bonnie left him speechless. Then he gave her a nickname. Heaven I tell you. Heaven.

Stelena: Idk even know why the hell I love this ship so much sometimes. Whoever wrote this episode is a genius. None of the scenes were straight forward as they appeared even a non-TVD fan would be able to see that there was a double-edged sword when it came to the characters. Stefan being the guy that he is wanted to keep Elena away from danger. And Elena pushed back. Before, Elena's attitude used to sort of annoy me but then I realised that Stefan is the she only guy that she revealed all aspects of her personality too. Like the 'gazing' thing. It was very cute and very beautiful. Of course, I would've loved the fact they had put in the censored shower scene. I mean c'mon - they owe us. What with what happens in the end *sob* *takes a deep breath*. I cannot believe how much the writers played with my emotions this episode. Personally I feel that KW&JP know that 'Plan B' is a very special episode. Because everybody has a purpose, its less about building up towards 'Masquerade' and more about the characters. For once in a long time all the characters seemed to matter, telling their respective story. Ok, I can understand where Elena was coming from - her fear for her family but I just cannot get over the fact that she actually went for it. It broke my heart - seriously. She forced herself to walk away, yes. But she was tearing apart and Paul..gah. I cried so freakin' much. I felt that. And my heart broke.

Bonnie: I am so glad that Bonnie was in this for more than 3 seconds. And ya know what? People are starting to love her again. It peeves me off that Bonnie is suddenly a good character because she helped Damon. But I personally think it was more than that. It was because they let Bonnie stay and explain some aspects of her decisions. Yes, Bonnie didn't do anything drastic like setting Damon on fire again - yet we saw how Bonnie chose the lesser of the two evils by trapping Mason. We saw Bonnie try to save her friendship with Caroline (yet again) and we saw Bonnie saving SE. If all that didn't put her in the fandom's good graces I don't know what will. Of course, ONE episode doesn't make up for the appalling way the writers have been treating her. She is just a tool for the other characters. Which is completely beyond me. Is it because she would outshine Elena or even Caroline?

Caroline&Liz: Its not just about Caroline's situation that made this so touching - its because everyone's been there. Everybody or least every girl realises at a point in their life how much they do not know their mothers and vice versa. Its actually a sad thing and pretty painful thing to go through and its a tribute to Caroline for not completely snapping at her prejudiced mother. She was really trying - bless her heart. And you know, even tho Caroline is surrounded by support she's feeling the missing part of her life. Her mother. It might be a dysfunctional relationship but its so underrated. And its so nice to see a parent giving a damn in Mystic Falls.

Damon: This was a good episode for Damon. Because it was all about revelations for him this episode. I do NOT however have high expectations AFTER this episode. What made Damon so good this episode was that he was vital to this episode. Damon's undead brain cells pretty caught up the events full whack in this episode. Two instances - Bonnie, Elena and you could say Stefan. The first was when we watched the Bamon scenes was how we saw Damon struggle to be an ass to Bonnie. It was like a wondrous to watch - Bonnie meant more to Damon than he previously thought. He wanted her around, her company even if he didn't ask for it - and his protectiveness of her was so instinctive it took my breath away. The second part was when he realised the damage and how much damage Katherine had actually done. He'd loved a monster. Yes, he feels and cares for Elena, but Damon was rocked to his core as I think he believed that SE were unbreakable. Katherine had done it. She'd broken the hearts of his brother and his friend. Ah Damon was so good this episode - showing that he did care about the two girls who in the future will mean the world to him.

Elena/Bonnie: Well thank God for that. Ok, it seemed a tad random. But enough was enough Bonnie had to say something. Of course - to really peeve Bonnie fans off Elena had to look all doe-eyed.

Stefan: He was so obviously rockin' it. Of course - he was being the mediator that he is plus the protecive boyfriend. Its hard to appreciate exactly how much Stefan does - in the middle of everything but he is such a rock. I for one, forsee him telling Bamon off for more of their adorable fights and trying so hard to save the Gilberts, while keeping an eye on the blood bank AND Caroline. This guy is my Superman. I love how 165+ year old vampire can still look guilty as a love-struck teenager when caught by the parent *giggle*

Jeanna: My girl. Where have you been?! So sad. Has the potential to be the coolest guardian - once she takes the knife out.

The Bad

Jeremy: I can't believe I'm saying this but this guy irked me so bad that I wanted to reach through the screen and smack him dead. He needs to grow a pair. And soon. I mean he's sucking up to the guy who gave him a death experience. So whopdee-do. He seems to have a purpose in life. He's stabbing the people that seemed to have accepted him even with his weirdness *coughTylercough*. I get that he wants to be part of the Supernatural world. Actually I don't get it. He KNOWS he could die at any moment esp with Damon yet again pushing his hand down on his windpipe or worse a cold and lonely death with claws tearing his heart out. I get that he wants to be fearless - prove he isn't useless. But really? Doing this shit. Is frankly - annoying. Not to mention callous of him to not trying to understand his sister's point of view. She is being through shit, they both have but instead he chooses to ignore (when she's making the most sense may I add). I would defo freak out if my brother hung out with a guy that tried to kill him. Just desperate.

Jyler: Even when these two weren't getting along. I would enjoy their scenes. This episode I didn't. Maybe because I knew what the snake of a Jeremy was doing and it was killing me. Esp with Jyler love being M's last words.

Katherine: She seemed a little lacklustre? Ok wasn't predictable as usual - but it lacked that true edge. Oh. my. God. They're gonna miss this one up as well aren't they? I may seem a little evil but why didn't she have Jeanna stab either Jeremy or Alaric then turn around and stab herself. And don't even get me started on her.

Mason: Oh Mason. What have they done to you? And I'm not even talking about the part where Damon ripped your heart out :(

Katherine/Mason: WTH?! This was such a waste of screentime. And downright predictable. Why didn't Katherine just dangle him? And why didn't he noticed she looked like a 17 year old? Oh man. I was so gunning for Bonnie/Mason cz in 3 seconds they showed chemistry. I challenge anyone not to say that Mason was eyeing Bonnie not to receive a kick in the face from Damon for that reason.

Mythology: WTF? I mean seriously WTF. First of all Jeremy doing the research makes Alaric look like an amateur. And how in God's name do you feed a plant to fully fledged werewolf? Ok, you can get those darts things - but a plant is too..sissy. I mean big macho, animalistic beasts screaming in terror cz of a plant? Has parody written all over it.

The Pointless

Alaric: I have yet to grasp Alaric's point in the series - could someone enlighten me?
12th-Nov-2010 03:49 pm - 2x05 - Say what? Kill or be Killed?
Eva Green
*hops on a distorted high*

The Good

Caroline: This episode belonged to Caroline no doubt about it. Even tho it was like a filler episode it still was very good cz of the blonde baby. One thing is for certain, Candice has a VERY bright future. So. We are following the development of Bamon's baby vamp (you know its true). I liked the fact that in this episode was the channel through many ideas and issues came to the forefront. Because Forbes speaks her mind - there is no point in hiding anything. In one episode, she proves that its never good to threaten her friends, pretend you're not a bloodacholic. Caroline sees all. Sorta scary actually. I'll tell ya what else id scary, Caroline and karate moves. Since when did vampirism mean you can give Tony Jaa a run for his money? The highlight for C though was the depths we saw. She is one of the few characters that care. If anything happens to old Carrie I'm gonna bawl my eyes out.

Jyler: Ok where did that come from? I cannot. Believe. They gave. Us. That. It was just..Jyler heaven. I cannot stop drooling lol Ok so they haven't kissed yet but hey they touched and exploded the episode out of the mediocre category. I know I'm not gonna like Jeremy after this what with the spoilers coming up *jeremycoughbonnie* But that's not what is making a bit iffy about all this. Tyler bared himself (not literally yet) and Jeremy is obviously going to betray him. I think I'll hate him for it. And I hate the writers! Aah! Why do they have to screw up on the most genuine and best friendships/relationships on the show for something so bloody random and baseless. I wish they'd just make-out already and save me from the wait..

Stamon: I knew there was a reason why I loved these brothers so much. A-ma-zing. I don't know if you guys know this but I love the brothers working together. Its the best thing about this show (as well as Bamon/Bonnie of crz lol). We've seen Stamon take out other potential enemies before but this time it was different. It was different because Damon actually LISTENED to Stefan. One of the funniest moments of the show - if not the funniest was when Stefan sensed Damon in his personal space and handled it. They were actually like siblings. Damon and Stefan's concern for each is so rock-solid that the other characters are bound to walk into it sooner or later. Well, the Sheriff did - and well. She walked away unscathed. Truly a miracle.

Stelena: It seemed a little out of touch did this ship in this episode. Idk, maybe their 'fighting' got to me but it was not until the end that I truly appreciated how together SE really are until the end. It felt like for the first time - Elena was actually letting Stefan drink her blood for the first time. And the weird thing was Stefan seemed so disturbingly human through it all. A SE scene to remember esp with the perfect song folding around the lovers.

The Bad

Mason: Sorry Mason I just don't like sneaky ppl. And ppl who try to out-sneak the Salvatores end up dead. I think you sorta deserve it, leading poor little Tyler on like that.

Damon: He.Was.Utterly.Forgettable

Damon/Liz:One of the few things on this show that will be explained one day. Yet, I'm not holding my breath. Ok, so yeah. I believed Damon in 2x01 but what about season 1? Don't pretend that Damon didn't get a kick out of knowing he was actually wiping the Sheriff's face in it. Esp given how prejudiced she was..Idk on what level their bond/friendship even makes sense? But hey its TVD. Everything goes.

Katherine/Mason: What am utter fail. This 'relationship' makes Mason looking like a pedo. That failed to notice that 20+ years earlier - Katherine did look 16/17. Guess he really was a drunk ALL the damn time. Eugh.

Katherine: Can't even tell you how disappointed I am in her. Why couldn't she just kill everyone/compel anyone til she found the damn thing. I'm telling her downfall has started and I don't care how may ppl she threatens the bitch is gonna be pretty easy to kill cz she's so damn predictable. Yawn.

The Pointless

You guys know what I'm gonna say right?
5th-Nov-2010 05:30 pm - 2x04 - memories, memories
Eva Green
Well. As I've been busy with stuff, I watched the episode a while back BUT I never got to write the review. The things I've wanted to say since watching it are right here tho..and btw this was written BEFORE me watching 2x05..

The Good

Katherine: All I can say is that I am VERY glad at my predication that Katherine was gonna be naughty. She's just mind-blowing in this episode. Not OTT at all like her previous episodes. But rather subtlety intriguing and seductive. I've probably said this before, but Nina plays her very well. You can actually get why both the Salvatores were obsessed with her - she was enigmatic. Always keeping you guessing esp when you're inside her mind - which of course we were. I felt like I'd downed a couple of cups of black coffee. Understanding Katherine is like a shock to the system. The mind is completely bombarded with info that bounces around the skulls. Altho, I'm hoping that this new found brilliance in characterisation doesn't go down the same route as Damon's. We all know how that turned out - what with the layers and all.

Kefan: Ok. I'm ashamed to admit, I might actually be shipping these two. Twisted I know. But c'mon. Everybody has a fetish for dark, tortured, couple/ship somewhere. Esp one where that has no idea what the hell its supposed to be doing and one or the other is always grappling for power. The thing that makes Kefan much more compelling than Kamon is how different they are yet similar. Ah my head hurts. I can't even figure these two out at all. And I freakin' love them. Kefan is built on lies - K's lies to Stefan, Stefan lie to himself about K's true nature. It should've been doomed. It was doomed. How did it survive? How did they keep loving each other? Gah. Watch this space.

Stefan: Well. Just as I suspected. Stefan is ACTUALLY a complex, realistic character. The beauty of Stefan's character in this is that he seems so human. He never wanted to understand Katherine in the beginning just mindlessly love her even though he could see that she wasn't an 'angel.' He wanted to believe that he had the power to save/protect somebody who in fact didn't need saving and protecting. Aw Stefan. Such a sweetie. So innocent, you melt my heart. Yeah I know he's not that innocent after he was a teenager but as Emily said - he had a pure heart. No wonder psychoKat wanted him. And no wonder - SE belong together. For the most part they try to see the best in others ~ to the point of delusion. But he eventually got Kat right. She cares more about herself than anybody else.

Stelena: If anything this episode proved that they are meant to be. Ok, just hear me out. Stefan believed that Katherine was an 'angel' right? Which character has practically no flaws (albeit she has major failures) and looks mightily like Katherine. No not Jeanna. It's Elena, of course. I believe that Stefan was already in love with Elena even before she existed. Stefan was in love with an image of what he wanted K to be..which coincidently or not is Elena. Stefan has been in love with Elena all that freakin' time. He saw Elena in Katherine. He wanted to see somebody who could possibly have a good time (even tho Elena has to give evidence all around on this) but someone he could protect, cherish and save. After all, Stefan lets be honest, is a tad bit erm old-fashioned. And Katherine just wasn't that type of girl. She didn't need a knight a shining armour but wanted/wants it all the same. Elena..is a different story altogether.

Delena: The reason this ship is even in this section for this episode is Katherine made it impossibly likeable. Because she twisted the characters. It was cute BECAUSE it was OOC. Still it was nice to see that K believed that Elena would have to gain a sadistic streak for Elena to even enjoy DE. Lets be honest, we know, K knows it even Elena knows it - there is no way in hell that Elena will be able to bury her feelings for Stefan so easily. No chance.

Mason: My love was cemented for this little wittle doggie woggie when he outwitted Damon who was busy drawing a puppy in a skirt. And even made getting injured look stylish. Sadly though, I foresee that wolf boy is gonna meet a tragic end. I already have my box of tissues ready.

Jeanna: How fun is drunk auntie J? Pictionary, high-school makeouts, she did the works. And you what? L.O.V.E.D it. I wish my parents were that much fun. On second thoughts though I'd die of embarrassment if they were like J. *hides*

Caroline: I'm freakin' LOVING Caroline as a vampire! Ok, she hasn't gotten the whole friendship thing down to a pat yet but neither it seems has Elena. Caroline may be a neurotic, crack-head vampire that is betraying her friend but she still shows more emotional range than Elena. I don't understand why Elena didn't get the signals Caroline was sending out. I mean the fact that C pointed out that Stefan is infertile. Er hello? Elena is a lousy rescuer and Caroline is totally cute for looking so guilty..

The Bad

Damon: Apart from looking like he'd just strolled out of his nanny's apron in 1864 and out of party planner agency in the present, Damon was yep, useless. And oh - he stabbed Mason. With a kitchen knife. I hear your sighs..

Delena: For the 'actual' DE was erm non-existent. There was nothing likeable so nothing remember-able. Damon always looks like he wants to blurt out something around Elena - usually smthng very idiotic usually. I can't believe how droll this ship actually is. Its a waste of space frankly.

Elena/Katherine: Ok. That was a waste of time. Then again, everything related to Elena becomes unbearably a 'duh' or waste of my precious time moment. After a season (and a bit) we freakin' know that they are mirror images but, no..Elena has to find out too. Why?! More than half the damn episode I could pick up and throw out like trash. Could use them parts to include Bonnie. Is she alive or dead? (No wait she'll probz be alive to cast another spell for the useless lot). What does Matt do when he's not working and isn't with Caroline? This show needs to gets head out of his ass - and get it together.

The Pointless

Jeremy: You wou;ld think he would at least be invited to a barbecue in his own home. Don't even get me started.

Bonnie: Bonnie was off the radar - yet again. What is she just there to do their bidding? Fuckers.

And every OTHER character: *rages silently*
16th-Oct-2010 10:44 pm - TVD fan art
Eva Green
My first time on photoshop (well sorta), so guys be gentle...ps, black is sorta my thing, ya know? Also, I was experimenting with banner sizes XD

Please comment!
Eva Green
Me lovelies, I apologise for making you wait. Its NOT just me that was bummed about last week's ep, my computer died on me. Yeah I know. Its not completely alive even now, and I'm manually trying to fix it, so I apologise if there's any typos. So lets get down to it. I'll be honest, never felt so PO ever since I started watching the show.

The Good

Mythology: After a season and some give-or-take episodes, we finally have a mythology. All together now - HALLELUJAH. Dalaric and Elena may have been reading (or pretending to in Damon's case) and we had loads of Katherine discussion but the writers did a clwer thing and slipped in the vampire/werewolf mythology. Round of applause. I should also add that the idea of blaming the South Americans for the vampire/werewolves problems made me weird out a little. But now, I can't stop giggling. Werewolves and vampires, the most fiercest supernatural beings, banished by heart-ripping mortal tribes? Talk about poetic justice. What struck me though is how smoothly the writers wrote in the vamp/were rivalry. And it should be commended how believable it became at following up on Staroline&Mason. That was the pivotal and best part of the episode, and I'm actually elated that they left some stuff unexplained. Like how the hell, was Isabella a professor of such an intense subject when she seemed so retarded? Lord knows how her colleagues took her seriously. Perhaps, what is an even more important question, do the vamps of TVD have a soul then? :O

Caroline: There was little and far between that you could actually call good in this episode, collectively. Hurrah for Caroline for not being OOC in this episode and being herself. I needed it. I needed it all. Right now, I believe she may have edged ahead of Bonnie for my fave female character as of the moment on the show. That's down to great writing (more on Bonnie later). She was funny, quirky, obnoxious, as she put it herself she was on "crack." Ah I love, love her. Even Stefan finds her amusing and her company well NOT a burden. She goaded Stefan for eating rabbits. I half thought she'd tell him she was a member of WSPA or worse, she was a vegetarian. But of course, Katherine wants our sweet/annoying blonde. Its gonna end in tears.

Stefan: Give it up for the only male vampire that doesn't suck ass. Stefan. Is. The. Man. Like seriously. Dude, never gets a break. He's holding it together even tho I feel he's gonna shatter what with a certain bitch of an ex back. But I'm enjoying it whilst its lasting cz well its just gonna be drama, drama soon what with tptb trying to tell us that Delena are meant to be. *barf* Hang in there Stefan everyone knows that Damon aint got anything on you.

Staroline: As of now, there are 5 things that are keeping this show alive well sorta six, judging from this week alone. They are Mason/werewolves, SE, SC, Stefan, Caroline.. Staroline have somehow become the heart of this show. How did it happen? I fear that this has become one of life's bigger questions such as why do girls like a guy that mistreats them? How do I bag a Stefan? Would jumping Mason be wise? You get the gist. But the point is, it works. For obvious reasons, like their blaring chemistry but its because the writers are making these one of the very few pairings/ship/friendship/companionship that they won't define. Yes, Stefan seems to be babysitting Bamon's baby vamp (Bamon had it/Caroline under consensual conditions I may add) quite well. What is he to Caroline exactly now? Lone friend, 'maker', teacher, potential crush/bf or all these things? Whatever you wonna term the 'relationship' these two have, its making me ashamed of myself, even tho I'm still haven't picked up my jaw after that SE kiss. But of course, the DErabids are all over this one too. I'm positive that they were declaring that Stefonnie were meant to be, before C became a vamp. Ah. Little fickle tweens. How they amuse me.

Stelena: After watching SE 2x03 I am convinced that Elena is naugh-ty. In the bedroom that is. Open mouth kiss? Girl, you are gonna kill your destroy your naive-girl-next-door-bad-bff-marysue reputation. I don't know how but SE brings out the very best in Elena. She is passionate, confident and on borderline - sassy. Its a dose of true love and it suits her. I love how the writers are paying close attention to SE, ok Stefan is a vampire, but other than that, SE is a very healthy relationship. Observe how he never pushes or manipulates her into doing what he wants. And Elena too. They understand each other as ppl as highlighted by them laughing about their mutual feelings on Elena's road trip. As far as Stelena is concerned, vampire boyfriends objectifying their girlfriends is so passé.

Mason: This fine specimen could give Alcide a run for his money in terms of Hottest Wolf on tv. (but Alcide is a little ahead with his shimmering intensity). I mean, seriously. You must be missing eyeballs or even a sex drive to not see that *shivers*. Ok, I admit I'm not just saying that for the 'Miss Shallow' award, but what is so damn charismatic about Mason is his personality and his potential on the show. I for one, am hoping they don't put him down. Cz dang. I'm sorry but wow. Did anyone else manage to see past the fine body and see his true nature? He is a very strong character, cagey, possessive, controlling and animalistic even when human. Gimme more, esp now that I have two ships for Mason (Bonnie) AND dirt. Must think dirty thoughts..*runs off*

Alaric: When did Alaric get so awesome? There was little he was doing, but he wasn't sucking up to Damon anymore. Finally. Alaric has turned into an adult this episode. A long time coming I could tell ya. I thought I would have to get my claws into him after this episode but he was cool. He realised that Jeanna was waiting for him after he stopped being whipped about Isobel. Score. Even tho Jeanna was just written in pitifully for the sole purpose of Alaric, I'm holding out hope she'll be more than his rebound girl.

Vanessa: She maybe a guest star with very few scenes but hot damn. I think I have a girl crush now. V made right up there with Lexi as an awesome guest star. There wasn't much she was doing except being a Giles with a booty, but Ford made Vanessa likeable and believable. I've usually noticed with guest stars that they seem to overact or seem intimidated by the cast such as Ian but I think CF did a fab job. Totally held her own. And you could practically see it was painful for Damon NOT to have eyesex with her and pretend he cared about Elena.

Tyler: Hmpf. So he can think with something other than his fist and dick. Bravo.

The Bad

Bonnie: Greatest shock of the episode or the series, is how much I disliked her *hides in shame* Its not because of KG. KG was absolutley fabulous as usual. But I just felt that I didn't UNDERSTAND why Bonnie would be so bitchy to Caroline. Yeah, I get that she'd feel guilty etc but Bonnie would NEVER intentionally hurt her friend. Are the writers are crack too? Why are JP&KW determined to make Bonnie seem the bad guy? Oh. my. god. They are gonna do the redemption thing, like they did with Damon aren't they? Kill me. Kill me now.

Delena: I think that Alaric summed it up pretty well with the sigh and the eye roll. Delena were DULL in capitals. I mean what was the point of so many scenes for them? They jus murdered the episode as far as I'm concerned. I'm probably more angry about Delena than I am with Bonnie. I feel insulted as a viewer. Do they expect me to follow this garbage? Idk if anyone else has noticed but when the tptb are desperate for the audience to accept DE more than usual they do 2 things: 1. have Damon literally breathing down Elena's neck 2. They dim the light so much that its a wonder that they can see their own hands in front of them. Of course, Ian would have romantic chemistry with roadkill in the dark but miraculously he doesn't with Elena. Idk what it is, the more I watch Ian/Nina together, the less convinced I am of their 'romantic' chemistry. They keep acting & looking like siblings. Cz I'm tellin' ya now, Alaric didn't look like he believed that they should have angry sex either. Instead, he looked like a frustrated father that just wanted to spank his children.

This episode has done NOTHING to make me want/believe that DE should happen or be endgame. Because there is NO PASSION. Delena don't know how to banter properly, Elena doesn't know how to control Damon, Damon can predict Elena, even tho he doesn't want to be able to. I guess she hates him, yeah..but. DE CANNOT be a hate-to love story not an effective one as they're trying to make out. This show is marketed on a love triangle with Elena in the middle. So there is no fucking way they can play out the 'hate' thing. Genuinely. Secondly, if you hate someone as much as they are trying to show us with DE, how the heck can Elena spend hours in a confined space/area with him without trying to kill/injure him? Gah. It seems to me that Nina's bemusement at DE really shows as the only one caring about their scenes is Ian. She can't care less. Esp. with the arrowed cliché of a stunt Damon pulled. Give me Bamon now. I need to see real hate and bantering on this show again.

Elena: Well there's a shocker. Elena's just like Katherine. Did not see that one coming. I put Elena in the bad section because well, she seemed to have switched off during the rest of this episode. I'm sorry I jus phased out when she wasn't with Stefan. Oh wait. I think she made Damon cry. Was that meant to be her big mission this episode?

The Pointless

Katherine: This show probably sets a record for the worst episode endings. Because seriously. How many of you didn't know that K would do that? You know come for Caroline? I want to say that hopefully the REAL bitch will coming back next week.

Aimee: Who is she? And why should I give a fuck? Ridiculous idea putting an unknown with either Tyler/Matt. Whoever came up with this one should be shot.

Tyler: Sometimes, I forget. Elena has a brother. Did the writers get the memo?
Eva Green
I'm a right shipper whore when it comes to Eric Northman and I love Morgana too..I'd actually put them together in my head and I can't believe that there are one or two videos on them..love them already.

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